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Koons Has The Kia K900!

Kia K900 MontageWhen you are in the market for a luxury sedan you are announcing to the world that you have arrived! You are no longer penny pinching, or thinking about one feature in lieu of another; you are thinking of comfort, size, power, and most importantly appearance… yours and your cars.

When carmakers set out to design their luxury sedans, AKA: their flagships, they put a great deal of thought and time into the power plant, appointments, and appearance. Cost is still a consideration, as a famous commercial once asked “How do you think I got to be sooo rich?” But it’s not a deal breaker and if it’s an expense for a sumptuous appointment or performance then the trade off is considered fair.

As a premier dealership we’re always looking to offer the best and newest products to our growing customer base, we’re thrilled to be able to bring this vehicle to the mid-Atlantic region”

          John Fee — GM
         Koons Kia of Woodbridge

All of the major automobile manufacturers have well established flagship sedans in their lineup. But in the past few decades’ new manufactures have been appearing in the U.S. and securing a foothold with less expensive trend setting new cars and trucks that  appeal to younger audiences. They usually start out following Henry Ford’s maxim that says, “I will build a car for the great multitude.” But once that happens, once they secure their market, they have to expand it, move on, and increase their market share; history has shown that the best way to accomplish this is by creating a car with luxury and style that will appeal to their now aging and successful audience.

This is the approach that Kia is taking with their K900 entry, a review from explains their attempt to enter this high-end market and create their first luxury sedan… their Flagship!

The Kia K900 is entering a crowded market and Kia’s goal of capturing some of the prestige in that market will take awhile. In the mean time, in order to create some anticipation, and excitement  the K900 will only be sold by selected dealerships in the country and Koons Automotive is one of those select few. “As a premier dealership we are always looking to offer the best and newest products to our growing customer base. We are thrilled to be chosen by Kia to bring this vehicle to the mid-Atlantic region,” said John Fee General Manager of Koons Kia in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Stay tuned there is more to come!