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Koons Biggest Loser Challenge 2014 is under way!


Collectively, Americans gain over 300 million pounds around the holidays. That is the equivalent of 838 jumbo jets!  It gets worse, of those pounds gained at least one of them will be a persistent pound.  Put another way, if the average American adult consistently gains one pound per year, and does not change anything about their habits, they will be at least 55 pounds overweight by age 75!

We care about all of our employees and we want to help them achieve their goals, our Biggest Loser Challenge is there to do just that” stated Mr. O’Connell

For 4 years, Koons has been one of the Washington Business Journals Best Companies to Work For.  Why? Because, there is a pervasive atmosphere of caring.  Here is one example: Every New Year, Koons Management runs an Annual Biggest Loser Challenge for its employees.  All Koons employees are eligible to take part in the challenge but are not required to.  Jim O’Connell, President of the Koons management team has made it very clear that this program is to promote good life habits and healthy choices. It is about being aware of what you eat, how that affects your health, and eventually how your health affects your co-workers.  “We care about all of our employees and we want to help them achieve their goals, our Biggest Loser Challenge is there to do just that” stated Mr. O’Connell.

We are all familiar with the routine by now, on January 1st we all make BIG pronouncements about how we’re going to change, get rid of a habit, adopt new ideas, and be a better person!  There are all kinds of resolutions, but there is a consistent 3 that seem to always make the list year over year.  For every 100 people who make New Year’s Resolutions here’s how the top 3 break down:

  1. 62% vow to exercise more
  2. 60% promise to eat better
  3. 46% state their goal is to lose weight

By the end of week 7, only 60 people of the original 100 of any given resolution will be left trying to stick with it, and by the end of week 12 there will only be about 30.  For the past 4 years Koons Biggest Loser Challenge (#KoonsBLC) has been trying to help all of those employees who commit to losing weight attain their goal.  So when they hit week 7, they have a reason to keep going, they have others on their team to encourage them and they have incentives.  Everybody needs motivators, a light at the end of the tunnel to keep them going; in this case, it is prizes!  This year’s challenge runs from January 6th to April 7th and the grand prize is a 2014 Corvette!

There are other prizes and incentives, and like every challenge there are rules that have to be followed but ultimately we all win.  It may sound sappy and mellow dramatic but it is true and it is what makes Koons Automotive such a great place to work.  Over the next few months we will be posting our progress here in this blog so come back and see how it is going.  This year we have 729 employees taking up the challenge and we will report on the total amount of pounds lost and the total number of employees who finish.  We wish them all luck and the best of health!

Koons Automotive’s New Years’ Resolution: Be Healthy. Be Happy.


Happy New Year!

What is YOUR New Years’ resolution? If it’s weight loss, we have the blog post for you!

We are so excited to continue our Fitness Friday posts again this new year, because this Monday we will launch the Koons “2013 Biggest Loser” Contest for all of our employees! This will be the 2nd annual contest for Koons since our 2012 program was a blockbuster success, with employees collectively losing over 5,000 pounds!

Many employees had so many special and touching stories about how the contest helped them improve their lives – from our contest winner losing over 25% of his body weight, to several employees no longer needing cholesterol and blood pressure medication, the program was an absolute success, and we are so excited to launch it again to support our employees with their resolutions!

Team pairings are the same as last year: each Koons location will compete as a team, and each individual will compete against the collective group. As an incredible incentive to our employees, the Top 5 winners AND winning team will be treated to an all-expenses paid weekend getaway in addition to a cash prize for their hard work!


As an added bonus to our readers, on each Fitness Friday we will post health tips to keep you healthy this new year, and going strong for the remainder of 2013!

Here’s our contest pre-launch health tip: download the iPhone app that gives YOU healthy habits during your quest for a better you! “My Healthy Habits” is a free app that makes it easier than ever to add a healthy habit to your life. USA Today calls it an “effective and simple way to track lifestyle changes.”

Whatever your New Years’ resolution may be, best of luck at it and have a great 2013!

Be Healthy, Be Happy!

–Krystal Koons


#Fitness Friday: Koons “Biggest Loser” Challenge Results!

Happy #Fitness Friday,

Drumroll, please! After 13 weeks of blood, literal sweat and tears, the Koons “Biggest Loser” challenge has come to a close. Every Koons employee who participated in the challenge did an outstanding job! Before we get to the winners, here are some brief – but outstanding – statistics from the challenge:

  • Overall contest spanned 13 weeks
  • 474 Koons employees participated
  • Average weight loss of all participants: 6.25% of body weight
  • Combined weight loss of the organization: 5,603.10 POUNDS!!
  • Our ‘biggest loser’ lost 79.1 pounds and our largest percent of weight loss was 25.87%
  • Our winning dealership team had 29 contestants with an average of 14.04% weight loss and a total of 957.30 pounds!

We couldn’t be more proud of all the participants in the challenge – they did a great job and the hard work paid off. Now, for the winners…

  • Congratulations to Koons Baltimore Ford for being the #1 team for highest % of Weight Loss
  • Congratulations to Mike Victor from Baltimore Ford for being the #1 weight loss winner at 25.87% Weight Loss!
  • The runner’s-up include Rick Kirchhausen, Dano Pasaretti, Julian Golmakani and Blake Young to round out the Top 5

Members of the Koons "Biggest Loser" Challenge

We definitely can say this challenge was a HUGE success! It not only rallied the entire Koons team around a healthy cause, but it also made our organization healthier in the process. As we all know, healthy lifestyle choices are a lifelong initiative that require daily maintenance! But, in the end, will allow us to live longer – and healthier – lives.

Here’s to a happy and healthy rest of 2012!


Final Koons "Biggest Loser" Challenge Statistics

Fitness Friday: The Power of Protein

From the moment it leaves you fork, protein starts whittling away your waistline. High protein foods take more energy to digest, metabolize, and use, which ultimately means you burn more calories processing them. They take longer to leave your stomach, so you feel full sooner and for a longer amount of time. The overall effect has obvious benefits for anyone who is watching their weight. Experts advise consuming between 0.5 -1.0 grams of protein per pound of your body weight. That’s 70-140 grams a day for a 140-pound woman. Skew on the high end if you are very active, and on the low end if you are trying to lose weight. If both apply, shoot for an amount somewhere in the middle – around 120 grams. Even more important: Aim to get at least 30 grams at breakfast. That is roughly the amount you will get from 2 eggs (use egg whites instead) and 1 cup of low fat cottage cheese. Vegetarians should reach for complete proteins such as hemp seed, quinoa, and tofu. The beauty of protein is that with so many tasty options, getting your daily dose is a simple pleasure.

Protein on the Go:

1. Jerky 1 ounce = 9.4 g protein
2. Roasted Soy Nuts ¼ cup = 17 g protein
3. Protein powder 4 ½ tbsp scoop = 16 g protein
4. Hard boiled eggs 1 egg= 6 g protein



Fitness Friday: Think Before You Snack

Before you reach for that snack, pause and think about why you are reaching for food? Are you stressed? Are you upset? Are you bored? Or are you, in fact, hungry? Think before you eat. If you’re hungry and in need of an energy boost, then plan out a snack full of complex carbs and protein. For example, eat an apple with a sprinkle of cinnamon, and about 20 roasted almonds or add 1 tbsp of peanut (or any nut) butter onto the apple. You could also have a slice of whole wheat bread with turkey, tomato, avocado and mustard. These are just a couple examples of delicious, nutritious and filling food choices.

Keeping your snacks limited to 2-3 times per day, besides your regular three full meals, will ensure that you keep your calorie bank for the day monitored and within range. Or, eating 6 small snacks of 200-300 calories is a great way to keep your energy up throughout the day and avoid the heaviness and sluggishness that might accompany a large meal. Be smart about it and plan ahead. Make sure you keep your fridge stocked with fresh veggies and fruit, lean meats, eggs, fresh plain yogurt, and fresh whole wheat bread. Also make sure your pantry is filled with peanut (or any nut) butters, beans, whole wheat pasta, oatmeal, and other snack options so you can be ready for your busy week.



-Tiffany Koons