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Koons Has The Kia K900!

Kia K900 MontageWhen you are in the market for a luxury sedan you are announcing to the world that you have arrived! You are no longer penny pinching, or thinking about one feature in lieu of another; you are thinking of comfort, size, power, and most importantly appearance… yours and your cars.

When carmakers set out to design their luxury sedans, AKA: their flagships, they put a great deal of thought and time into the power plant, appointments, and appearance. Cost is still a consideration, as a famous commercial once asked “How do you think I got to be sooo rich?” But it’s not a deal breaker and if it’s an expense for a sumptuous appointment or performance then the trade off is considered fair.

As a premier dealership we’re always looking to offer the best and newest products to our growing customer base, we’re thrilled to be able to bring this vehicle to the mid-Atlantic region”

          John Fee — GM
         Koons Kia of Woodbridge

All of the major automobile manufacturers have well established flagship sedans in their lineup. But in the past few decades’ new manufactures have been appearing in the U.S. and securing a foothold with less expensive trend setting new cars and trucks that  appeal to younger audiences. They usually start out following Henry Ford’s maxim that says, “I will build a car for the great multitude.” But once that happens, once they secure their market, they have to expand it, move on, and increase their market share; history has shown that the best way to accomplish this is by creating a car with luxury and style that will appeal to their now aging and successful audience.

This is the approach that Kia is taking with their K900 entry, a review from explains their attempt to enter this high-end market and create their first luxury sedan… their Flagship!

The Kia K900 is entering a crowded market and Kia’s goal of capturing some of the prestige in that market will take awhile. In the mean time, in order to create some anticipation, and excitement  the K900 will only be sold by selected dealerships in the country and Koons Automotive is one of those select few. “As a premier dealership we are always looking to offer the best and newest products to our growing customer base. We are thrilled to be chosen by Kia to bring this vehicle to the mid-Atlantic region,” said John Fee General Manager of Koons Kia in Woodbridge, Virginia.

Stay tuned there is more to come! 



Does your car reflect who you are?

red_carFor some people the act of buying a vehicle is the ultimate statement of their personality, who they are, and that they have arrived. Sometimes they buy a certain vehicle consciously, like a flashy sports car to gain attention and to feel young and trendy. Sometimes people buy unconsciously, like when they buy the same car over and over again, every model year, or out of habit because that’s what their parents always drove. 

So which one are you?  Functional, practical, powerful, respectable, dependable, or adaptable? Doesn’t matter, right? It’s just great to have a choice!

Whether purchased with a purposeful eye to make a statement or purchased without conscious knowledge of why, the type of car you choose says a lot about who you are.

No matter what you see yourself in; a sports car, minivan, station wagon, SUV, or a crossover, we offer the following guide to body styles and what they say about the driver.

  • sedanSedan: The 4-door sedan’s three-box configuration appeals to folks who are more comfortable with familiar forms. This is especially true in the executive class where longer overall car lengths benefit from the sedan’s balanced look. It also appeals to car owners who prefer to have the cargo area completely sealed and out of view in a separate compartment.  — Functionality is who you are if you buy a sedan, comfortable and easy going, no statement here beyond wanting to get from point A to point B.
  • stationStation Wagon: Long a favorite of drivers who needed more cargo capacity, the wagon has declined in popularity, due to the versatility of minivans and SUVs. Nevertheless it’s a good choice for buyers who prefer sedan-like handling and accommodation. With the rear seat folded flat, the station wagon can handle everything from a sheet of plywood to an antique hutch. With the seat up, it performs like a sedan. The wagon has been making a comeback lately, especially in European models.  — You care more for practicality than style and you want a vehicle that will change with your needs kind of like a reversible jacket or belt.
  • SUVSport Utility Vehicle (SUV): More utilitarian than sport, the SUV’s popularity is due to a number of factors including a “command” seating position, spacious cargo capacity, and the availability of four-wheel-drive. Highly recommended for those who must drive through snow, mud and sand and, of course, for participants in the off-roading hobby. — You’re real person here with a desire to be seen but also get around town and the farm. You want the ability to go where you want when you want, and you want to carry all of your stuff with you.
  • hatchHatchback: Arguably the most sensible passenger car yet devised. A sedan with a lifting rear door where the trunk would be, it allows for the carrying of large items when the back seat is not in use. The smaller the car, the more you need one because of the hatch’s ability to look, drive, and feel like a sedan while carrying all sorts of odd-shaped cargo. With lifestyles demanding more versatility, the hatchback concept is enjoying a rise in popularity.  — You’re a bit on the green side, you like being able to day trip here and there, you want to carry your stuff with you. But you don’t want to necessarily have to be conscience of how many will go with you, how much it will cost, or how far you can go on a tank. You’d rather spend money on the destination than the trip.
  • vanMinivan: It’s been said the minivan is the station wagon for today’s families; at least large ones. A minivan can transport up to eight passengers in three-row seating and still leave room for cargo. Parents like the walk-through space between the front seats. Kids like the way video screens provide on-the-go entertainment. — You love family and the idea of taking a trip is about making sure everyone is accommodated, you enjoy driving and the idea that you could transport a large dresser or eight of your kid’s teammates really intrigues you.
  • coupCoupe: If you subscribe to the “door for every seat” theory a coupe is not for you. Basically, a coupe is nothing more than a 2-door sedan but its appeal lies in the sporty look. That image will cost you more, though coupes actually cost less to manufacture. Getting in and out of the rear seat is secondary. In spite of all these negatives, coupes remain popular because there’s more to driving than just transportation and a coupe says something about its owner. — You’re transitioning, you’re in between things and you want style but you can’t quite let go of functionality, that said you like power and you like performance and you will not go quiet into that night.
  • convertConvertible: If a coupe is not the most practical conveyance, a convertible is even less so. Rear seats are often more cramped than a coupe’s and the trunk is inevitably smaller due to the space needed for a folding top. And you will definitely pay a premium for the privilege. Yet, for all its inconveniences, driving with the top down, especially on a warm spring day, makes the convertible worth every penny. The feeling is glorious, the all-round visibility wonderful. — For you, the idea of driving is having the wind in your hair, it’s like feeling the sand between your toes on the beach, you don’t want anything to come between you and the experience, it’s all about things that are good for the soul.
  • sportsSports Car: In the beginning they were all sports cars, for you had to be a sport just to drive one of those early automobiles. Later, the sports car became a vehicle built solely for the fun of driving, often quickly, and has remained so to this day. A true sports car puts handling, steering, braking, and agility first, passenger comfort and convenience second. In most cases it will have only two seats, as size and weight are the enemies of performance. — Fast fast fast… did we say fast?  ‘Nuf said here.
  • crossoverCrossover: “Crossover” is just one term manufacturers are coining as they attempt to name a new breed of vehicle that combines the virtues of several categories. Take a sedan, for example, and mix in equal parts of SUV, station wagon, and minivan, and you get a crossover. They come in all sizes and a variety of shapes as designers continue to experiment. — You don’t settle, never have never will, with that in mind you do enjoy versatility and change and you find a dash of practicality is good for the soul, in the end you as much about change as you are about functionality.

So which one are you?  Functional, practical, powerful, respectable, dependable, or adaptable? Doesn’t matter, right? It’s just great to have a choice!  Come down to Koons and we’ll help you figure it out. We carry every single one of these and some that aren’t listed (pick-up truck for instance). Either way you will make a statement with your new vehicle from Koons.  ♛