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Caution: Potholes Ahead!


Every year over 3 million potholes nationwide will appear and be reported. They will cause millions of dollars in damage to your car and cost millions of dollars for DOT teams to fix.  I don’t know about you, but it feels like every year my car hits every single one of those 3 million potholes. Each impact is a teeth-jarring wallop to my tires, rims, balance, alignment, and shocks that will leave my car a rattling hulk of what it once was!

For those of you that don’t know how a pothole is formed, here is a description:


Potholes are caused by the expansion and contraction of ground water after the water has entered under the pavement. When the water freezes, it expands. The frozen water will take up more space under the pavement, and the pavement will heave, expand, bend, and weaken. When the ice melts, the pavement contracts and leaves gaps in the surface. Water gets into these voids and when water freezes and thaws again, the pavement will weaken further and crack.

As the weight of cars and trucks pass over this weak spot, pieces of the roadway material weaken more, which will cause the road material and substrate to be displaced or broken down further thus creating the pothole.

When salt is brought into the picture the pothole effect will get worse. Water will freeze at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. But when salt is used, it lowers the temperature that water will freeze at. This creates an artificial freeze-thaw cycle that permits more occurrences of the damaging cycle outlined above to occur.  

Potholes can happen on any road surface but tend to happen more along the edges and shoulders of roadways than in the center of them, they also tend to occur more in asphalt than concrete surfaces since they tend to be more porous.

Ok science class is over; economics class is now in session.  Koons is very aware of the fact that your car will inevitably come in contact with these pesky “craters” this winter.

BlogCoupon-1[2] copy

We know your car is your baby and you can’t stand the idea of it being hurt, so Koons Service is here to help.  If you’ve recently had a run in with one of these bone rattlers, make an appointment with us, show the technician this coupon, and let them to do the rest. Afterwards you will drive away knowing that your car is in better shape than when you dropped it off and it is definitely capable of handling whatever the road may throw at it.

As Black Friday Approaches, Koons Sticks to the Tried and True!


Marketwatch has announced that this year new car sales are expected to rise 4% in the month of November due to Black Friday deals alone!  If you’re planning on buying a new truck, car, or van now is the time, especially at Koons!  But you’ll need to be patient, since Koons is keeping with tradition and only offering the savings starting this Friday.

Black Friday was a term coined in the late ‘80’s for the sales that sprung up the day after the traditional Thanksgiving holiday.  Business owners began to realize that if they offered special savings or discounts to the public the day after Thanksgiving they could get a jump on their holiday sales goals and potentially be in the “black”.  It worked really well, too well, so well in fact that others began to see the value and the extemporaneous or ad-hoc sales that had been started by a handful of businesses took-off. Before we knew it, the whole concept became diluted and the talk around many thanksgiving dinner tables included game plans for supposed savings…

“So, Marge, I plan on starting my Black Friday sales quest at this end of town and finishing up over here, pass the gravy dear”.

The ability to wait for the good sale is some how lost on a desire to beat every other business to the punch and have Black Friday start on Wednesday. Businesses are offering meaningless items and people are getting ruthless in their pursuit of a deal. USA Today did a story on “How Black Friday has some Real Oddballs” A story replete with details on Free Car Washes, Half price teeth cleaning, 2 for 1 pet care discounts, and $500 off your closing costs from a Mortgage Company. 

With all of that going on it’s nice to know that in the melee of holiday shopping that is appearing on the horizon, there is a company willing to keep it simple and clear.  At Jim Koons Automotive, we decided that we would stick with the real timelines of the holiday season and keep our Black Friday event to Friday Nov 29th. We will offer real savings, not over hyped clever marketing jargon or loss leaders.

So if you’re in the market to buy a new vehicle this Black Friday, stop by and do the rest of this year’s holiday shopping in style… in a new car from Koons!

Pick Your Favorite: Teasers of This Year’s Super Bowl Commercials

The Big Game is almost here! But, the game is only one part of the equation. There’s a battle brewing between automotive brands for the best Super Bowl ad, and it’s our pleasure to do the judging.

In the past week or so a automotive brands have given us peeks at their Super Bowl commercials, which we’ve listed out below. So, which one is your pick?

Toyota’s “It’s Reinvented”

Toyota Camry Effect “Connections”

Volkswagen’s “The Bark Side”

Lexus’ 15-Second Teaser for the “Big Game”

Kia’s “A Dream Car. For Real Life.”

Chevrolet’s “2012”

Chevrolet’s “Chevy Happy Grad”

Chevrolet’s “Last Drop”

Enjoy the game!


Meet the Mechanics at Koons Kia

Koons Kia of Woodbridge held their quarterly Owner’s Clinic last week to introduce customers to the mechanics who would be maintaining their cars.

“I know this is an Owner’s Clinic, but I prefer to call it a ‘Right from the start’ clinic,” said John Fee, General Manager of Koons Kia Woodbridge. “This is your opportunity to meet the people who will maintain the car that you just purchased. We want to take care of your needs right from the start.”

One of the best parts of my job is meeting new customers.

The thirty-five people in attendance received information on service hours and talked with the Woodbridge employees about their service questions. One audience member asked about changing a tire and received a firsthand demonstration.

Vehicles today are much more sophisticated than they used to be.  Koons Kia’s ‘Right from the start’ party is a great way for our customers to learn more about their brand new Kia and Koons in general.  Every person who asked a question received a lottery ticket. Other giveaways included first aid kits, GPS devices, tire pressure gauges, car wash buckets, tire brushes, and gift certificates for oil changes.  Guests got to nosh on mini-subs, pizzas, and cheese sticks from Joe’s Pizza. Chicken fingers and fries were available for the children.

The Woodbridge Kia store is one of our organization’s fastest growing brands. The dealership began as a used car outlet in May 1994. Then in June 2009, the store picked up the first Koons Kia franchise. Initially they were selling seven to eight Kias per month. In March 2011, they sold 84 new Kias.

The store plans to hold its next Owner’s Clinic in June. Check the Koons Kia of Woodbridge facebook page or my blog for more details.

Chat soon.



Lights, Camera, Action!

Silver Spring Commercial Shoot - March 29th

Fun on the set with Gustavo and Julie!

One of my favorite parts of being the spokesperson for my family’s business is producing the commercials.  It’s an opportunity for me to get in the dealerships and interact with employees and customers.  Yesterday, we were at Koons Ford in Silver Spring filming the ad that will air in April.   You never know what’s going to happen when you’re on set–FedEx trucks driving through shots, customers popping over to say “hi,” and the car that we’re shooting is always the one that’s needed for a test drive.

Yesterday, as we’re about to begin shooting, a fully-loaded car carrier rolls right onto the set to unload – they are NOT quiet!  Shoot days can be long, but we always have a good time.

In addition to our in-house marketing team,  Gustavo Mottolo, of Gustavo Cosmetics,  and Julie Jackson, of Hair By Jewels,  help me look my best (pictured).  Look for more photos and even outtakes from upcoming shoots soon!