Koons is the first dealership in the area to offer Cyber Monday Deals!


Koons Automotive, one of the largest dealers in the mid-Atlantic, is offering its customers a great Cyber Monday new car incentive.

Cyber Monday made its first appearance on November 28th 2005 when Shop.org sent out a press release about sales on the first work Monday after the Thanksgiving holiday.  In it they stated that it was the perfect time for shoppers to get great deals from online retailers for the holiday season.  I know what you’re thinking; you’re asking yourself two questions.

  1. Question: Cyber Monday is for retailers, not car dealerships; so how can you offer cyber deals on cars?
  2. Question: Why Monday? What is so special about that Monday?

Two very good questions, I’ll answer the first question in a minute. However, in order to answer the second question, we need to explain Black Friday and how Cyber Monday got started.

Black Friday got its name from the fact that most retailers wait until the end of the year (Christmas) to get their books into “black ink,” meaning their books would go from red ink to black: operating at a profit.  The Black Friday name started in the mid eighty’s and was codified in the late ninety’s.  Since then Black Friday has been considered the kick-off for the holiday shopping season.

Cyber Monday got it’s name during the internet craze of the late ninety’s, when having an internet connection in your house was considered to be an expensive luxury that just about everyone could not afford or even figure out how to set-up.  But, most people had Internet connections at work on their office computers.  So, people started to wait until returning to work on the Monday after Thanksgiving and Black Friday to do their online shopping.  Businesses realized this and started to offer exclusive sales and savings for that day just for their “Cyber” shoppers.

So that answers the second question of why that Monday.  In honor of Cyber Monday, Jim Koons Automotive is pleased to offer our customers a great way to pay for some of their holiday shopping just for buying their new car from us.  This coming Monday, December 2nd, if you purchase a new car at any of our participating Koons locations you will also receive a $250 Amazon.com® gift card.  So that’s how we’re getting in on the Cyber Monday Deals!

Oh the answer to the first question, why is it ok to give online incentives on Cyber Monday for new vehicles?  Because we say so, that’s why.  Enjoy the holidays!

About Krystal Koons

Krystal Koons is the spokesperson for Jim Koons Automotive Companies, one of the country's largest privately-held dealership groups headquartered in the Washington, D.C. area. Visit us at www.koons.com.

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