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Koons 25 Days of Giving, and We’ve Reached the End!


What a year we’ve had and the last 25 days has been amazing!

As we said when we kicked off the 25 Days of Giving program, Koons Automotive takes pride in giving back to the communities in which we are located. For the past fifty years that we have been in existence we always find ways to help where it makes the most sense.  This year we launched our “Koons 25 Days of giving” where we gave to 25 charities (well actually 29, but who’s counting), here is a list of all the groups we helped out:

  1. 12/1/13 – Urban Alliance, Tysons VA
  2. 12/2/13 – Habitat for Humanity, Easton MD
  3. 12/3/13 – Boys and Girls Club of Westminster, Westminster MD
  4. 12/3/13 – Carroll Hospice, Westminster MD
  5. 12/4/13 – Salvation Army, Arlington VA
  6. 12/5/13 – Phillips Program, Arlington VA
  7. 12/6/13 – Jill’s House, Tysons VA
  8. 12/7/13 – Cancer Center, Westminster MD
  9. 12/8/13 – March of Dimes, Annapolis MD
  10. 12/9/13 – Easton Church of God – Al Trojanowski, Easton MD
  11. 12/10/13 – Children’s Charities Foundation, Arlington VA
  12. 12/10/13 – Jubilee Housing, Arlington VA
  13. 12/11/13 – Dreams for Kids – Holiday for Hope, Tysons VA
  14. 12/12/13 – YMCA of the Chesapeake, Easton MD
  15. 12/13/13 – Target Community, Westminster MD
  16. 12/13/13 – Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Westminster MD
  17. 12/14/13 – Anne Arundel County Literacy Council, Annapolis MD
  18. 12/15/13 – L’Arche Greater Washington, Arlington VA
  19. 12/16/13 – Don Bosco Cristo Rey, Tysons VA
  20. 12/17/13 – Alternative House, Tysons VA
  21. 12/18/13 – Youth Leadership Foundation, Tysons VA
  22. 12/19/13 – Carroll County Senior Center, Westminster MD
  23. 12/20/13 – Autism Speaks, Annapolis MD
  24. 12/21/13 – First Book, Tysons VA
  25. 12/22/13 – Deaf Independent Living Association, Easton MD
  26. 12/23/13 – Penn-Marr, Westminster, MD
  27. 12/24/13 – JDRF, Annapolis MD
  28. 12/24/13 – Chive Charities, Annapolis MD
  29. 12/25/13 – Our Military Kids, Tysons VA

Here is a link to the 25 Days of Giving Facebook Photo Album for this years efforts.

Giving anyone anything is always fun, and along the way we had to modify our plans and accommodate some of you who took us up on our challenge to match our donations, so that made this year’s giving even more fun.  Specifically, we added a donation to the Salvation Army who had some of their holiday donations stolen. We also had a few organizations reach out to us as they heard what we were doing and we were able to help them as well!  The kind words of support and notes of encouragement have been great and as a company we are certainly blessed to be able to help out like this.

We’re looking forward to giving more in next year, so stay tuned, and Happy 2014!

If you Haven’t yet, now is the TIme to Winterize your Vehicle

With the passing of the winter solstice we’re now officially into the longest coldest days of the season.  Being caught out in the elements for any reason on some days can be uncomfortable and in some cases life threatening, so you need to be prepared.  Here are 7 steps to getting your car ready for the winter:
Car Storage: How to Prepare Your Car for Winter
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Koons 25 Days of Giving, Week 3

We are continually thankful to you and Koon’s for all you’ve done! I wrote about it today on Ryan’s website. Here are a couple photos from this year’s holiday outing that I hope you share with everyone!

Kari and Ryan Diviney before their annual holiday outting in front of the Van donated by Koons to help with getting Ryan around.

Over the next 10 days Koons Automotive will continue giving a donation a day to local area charities. Here is a recap of the different groups that Koons helped:

  1. December 16 – This past weekend, Koons donated to the Human Services Programs of Carroll County, Inc.L’Arche Greater Washington, DC, and the Anne Arundel County Literacy Council!
  2. December 17 – Continuing Koons 25 Days of Giving, up next was a donation to Don Bosco Cristo Rey High School from Koons Tysons Toyota!
  3. December 18 – Day 17 of Koons “25 Days of Giving” was to Alternative House!
  4. December 19 – 25 Days of Giving at Koons continues with a donation to the Youth Leadership Foundation from Koons Tysons Toyota!
  5. December 20 – Today’s donation for Koons “25 Days of Giving” went to the Carroll County Senior Center!
  6. December 20 – Last year we donated a brand new van, fully equipped to help Ryan Diviney so he could more easily get to Doctors appointments and move around his home town, which included being able to go on the family’s annual holiday outing (see the picture above), we’re glad we could help.  If you’re not familiar with Ryan’s story here is a link to their web site

Check back next week, we’ll be closing out this year’s giving and reviewing each charity we shared with and their contact info.  That way you can easily follow our lead and give back as well! We would love to hear from you about how you’ve helped, so share your story below in the comments.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Jim Koons Automotive!

Prius Tops All Cars on Value


The 2013 Toyota Prius Family!

If you’re looking for the car that is considered the best overall value among all models, Consumer Reports says look no further than the Toyota Prius, The Detroit News reports today. Consumer Reports awarded the Best New-Car Value honor to Prius for the second straight year and lauds it as having “outstanding reliability and the lowest estimated five-year ownership costs at 47 cents per mile.”

The automaker also has top models in three of the 10 categories on the best-value list. In addition to taking the top overall ranking, Prius took first place in the compact/subcompact category. The Avalon Hybrid Limited scored highest among large cars, and the ES 300h was top luxury car.

Click here for further details on best value vehicles.



Koons 25 Days of Giving, Week 2


Over the next 18 days Koons Automotive will continue giving a donation a day to local area charities.  Here is a recap of the different groups that Koons helped:

  1. December 7 –  Day 6 of “25 Days of Giving” at Koons was for Jill’s House! 
  2. December 9 – Koons continued “25 days of Giving” this past weekend with a donation to the Carroll Regional Cancer Center.
  3. December 10 – Today’s donation for Koons “25 Days of Giving” was to the Children’s Charities Foundation!
  4. December 11 – Koons Tysons Toyota continued “25 Days of Giving” w/a donation to Dreams for Kids-Holiday for Hope!
  5. December 12 – We are on day 12 of Koons “25 Days of Giving.” The YMCA Chesapeake is next on the list!

Check back over the next few weeks. We will be spotlighting each charity and sharing their contact info so you can follow our lead and give back, too! We would love to hear from you about how you’ve helped, so share your story below.

Happy Holidays from all of us here at Jim Koons Automotive!