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As Black Friday Approaches, Koons Sticks to the Tried and True!


Marketwatch has announced that this year new car sales are expected to rise 4% in the month of November due to Black Friday deals alone!  If you’re planning on buying a new truck, car, or van now is the time, especially at Koons!  But you’ll need to be patient, since Koons is keeping with tradition and only offering the savings starting this Friday.

Black Friday was a term coined in the late ‘80’s for the sales that sprung up the day after the traditional Thanksgiving holiday.  Business owners began to realize that if they offered special savings or discounts to the public the day after Thanksgiving they could get a jump on their holiday sales goals and potentially be in the “black”.  It worked really well, too well, so well in fact that others began to see the value and the extemporaneous or ad-hoc sales that had been started by a handful of businesses took-off. Before we knew it, the whole concept became diluted and the talk around many thanksgiving dinner tables included game plans for supposed savings…

“So, Marge, I plan on starting my Black Friday sales quest at this end of town and finishing up over here, pass the gravy dear”.

The ability to wait for the good sale is some how lost on a desire to beat every other business to the punch and have Black Friday start on Wednesday. Businesses are offering meaningless items and people are getting ruthless in their pursuit of a deal. USA Today did a story on “How Black Friday has some Real Oddballs” A story replete with details on Free Car Washes, Half price teeth cleaning, 2 for 1 pet care discounts, and $500 off your closing costs from a Mortgage Company. 

With all of that going on it’s nice to know that in the melee of holiday shopping that is appearing on the horizon, there is a company willing to keep it simple and clear.  At Jim Koons Automotive, we decided that we would stick with the real timelines of the holiday season and keep our Black Friday event to Friday Nov 29th. We will offer real savings, not over hyped clever marketing jargon or loss leaders.

So if you’re in the market to buy a new vehicle this Black Friday, stop by and do the rest of this year’s holiday shopping in style… in a new car from Koons!

Koons Provides 200 Baskets of Thanks


As a country we decided a century and a half ago that taking a moment to show our appreciation for our good fortune was the right thing to do.

Thanksgiving got its start as a major holiday in 1863 when Abraham Lincoln signed a bill proclaiming that a national day of thanks would be observed on the fourth Thursday of November.  Thanksgiving has taken place regularly since then and every American child has grown up knowing the menu for the feast by heart; turkey, stuffing, rolls, green beans, cranberries, potatoes, and pies.  Other items have been added or deleted depending on culture and availability but the items listed above are pretty much the mainstay of all traditional thanksgiving meals.  Everyone goes to different lengths with their dinners, some are large, some “showy”, some ethnic, some modest, but many are too small or missing altogether.  There are many families around this great nation who can’t afford to celebrate the holiday; it’s ironic that when we’re supposed to be celebrating largess and abundance we see families barely having enough to even live on.  So, on Thursday, when those of us across the country that can afford it, sit down to celebrate this annual feast, we should take a moment to think about those less fortunate and consider the costs associated with our annual ability to give thanks.

Make no mistake, the costs of giving thanks are pretty high and can be measured in many different ways; the most popular one is the cost of the meal itself.  Since 1986 the American Farm Bureau Federation (The AFBF) has tracked the retail cost of a typical thanksgiving meal, and this year it’s down slightly from last year.  The total cost is: $49.04 for a family of four.  The AFBF has historically tracked twelve items that make up a typical thanksgiving meal, from pie filling, to milk, to sweet potatoes, to the star of the show—the turkey.  The price has fluctuated throughout the years but the trend has historically been moving upward. This year the total cost of the meal has dropped .44¢.  Although a drop in price is viewed as great news, the overall cost of the Thanksgiving holiday rituals can still have a big and lasting impact on less fortunate families.

To help lessen that impact many major businesses, both national and international, reach out to help make the Thanksgiving holiday easier for those less fortunate.  As one of these major businesses, our 5 Koons Toyota dealerships will do their part to help area families have a happy and memorable holiday.   In partnership with the National Center for Children and Families (The NCCF) Koons is giving 200 local families the gift of a holiday meal.  Over the course of 4 days, a team of Koons employees has been shopping and assembling baskets that will contain the “fixin’s” for a healthy holiday meal.  The baskets will be delivered to NCCF headquarters this coming Friday November 22.

Jim Koons Automotive takes pride in helping the community and being a responsible corporate citizen. From all of us, we hope you have a safe and happy Thanksgiving!